SEO Tips That Will Increase Your Revenue

Everyone knows that SEO is important, yet many of the people who are trying to use it to their advantage are falling flat. While it used to be fine to toss around a few keywords and create multiple backlinks, it takes far more than that to succeed in today’s world. If your goal is to be successful and dramatically increase your business’ revenue, you should utilize these SEO tips. Entrepreneurs everywhere are using these ideas to make a small fortune.

Get Creative When Naming Images

Many people do not realize this, but Google pays close attention to the names of images when they are trying to determine how to rank them. Consider this when you are trying to decide what to name each file. Those with names like IMG12345.jpg will never rank as high as something like Baseball-Babe-Ruth-World-Series. The more descriptive you are when naming the files, the easier it will be for the search engine to decide where to place your photos. Basically, the better the name is, the higher your images will rank. It is actually that simple.

Add A Professional Photo To Your Google+ Account

Did you know that placing a photo on your Google+ account makes the page rank higher in search engine results? Even if it does not reach the number one spot, it will get people’s attention when they are conducting searches. Consider this: Each page of Google is filled with text and random video thumbnails. Seeing a great headshot will grab a user’s attention right away and it may pique their interest enough that they click to find out more information.

Use An Optimized WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most popular sites people use to create content. There are countless themes you can use to make the pages of your site more aesthetically pleasing. The problem many people are having is with the abundance of code used to create some of these themes. When search engines have to take an extended time to find the relevant content while swimming through a sea of code, it means that your site will not get the love you have been hoping for.

There are hundreds of criteria that Google and other search engines consider when trying to figure out how to rank your site, and web performance is one of them. Your site will not be as fast as it should be if there is too much code used to create the theme you selected. Try your best to choose one that is optimized and free of endless code.

Write Fleshier Content

There is nothing worse than heading to a website because it seems to have exactly what you need, yet the content you are presented with is flimsy and downright worthless. We found a reputable SEO company in Nashville that states when you are perceived as an expert in your niche, it gives you more authority in the eyes of potential buyers. This does not mean that you have to create content that has a larger number of words; it is all about the depth of the information you are sharing with the reader. They want to head to your site and see comprehensive information that cannot be found anywhere else.

When someone has a business, their main goal is to make as much money as possible. This cannot happen if their website is buried deep in search engine results. Using the advice here to your advantage will help you get your site to the first page where it belongs, and ultimately increase your company’s revenue.